Phoenix TV Company Profile


Phoenix TV is one of the largest privately owned television stations in the world. It utilizes satellites to carry six channels of programming to 250 million Mandarin speakers around the world, reaching 150 nations.

The History of Phoenix TV

Phoenix TV began in 1996, when the company operated only a single television channel. It was founded by Liu Changle, the Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Satellite TV, who had served as a journalist for the Communist Party’s Central People’s Broadcasting Station for several years following the Cultural Revolution. He had become one of the wealthiest businessmen in China by the 1990s.

The company was soon afterwards listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. It gradually expanded in scope from a single channel of general Mandarin language programming to additional stations. The goal of the firm was to reach Chinese residing around the world with a variety of news and entertainment programs.

In January, 2003, Phoenix TV won permission to begin sending broadcasts into mainland China. It remains one of the rare privately owned television stations in the Peoples Republic of China. In 2009, the company reportedly earned an estimated HK $1,530,505,000.

On February 17, 2014, Mr. Shuan Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix New Media Limited, also became the Chief Operating Officer of Phoenix Satellite TV.

The Structure of Phoenix TV

The company’s current address and telephone are: No 2-6 Dai King Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po, N.T. Hong Kong (852)2200-8888. It maintains a website in Mandarin at and one in English at . In the PCR, the company maintains headquarters at the China Phoenix Building in Shenzhen.

Phoenix Satellite TV operates six stations, none utilizing non-Mandarin: Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix North American Chinese Channel, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, Phoenix Movies Channel, Phoenix Info News Channel and Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel. These are beamed around the world by satellites operated by a variety of carriers, including DIRECTV, Eurobird, Satmex, EchoStar, Telstar, and AsiaSat3.

Additionally, the company operates a radio station, Phoenix U. Radio, plus two publications: the Phoenix Weekly and Phoenix News Media. A third special print media firm called Phoenix Metropolis provides outdoor media.

Types of Programming

Most of Phoenix TV’s Mandarin language programs provide general entertainment and information. News shows, reality television, specials, movies and dramas, plus some foreign films constitute the bulk of programming.


Phoenix Television Availability on DIRECTV

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Channel Availability
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What is the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel

The Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment channel is a London based 24 hour free-to-air television channel. In fact, it’s one of six operated by Phoenix Television. The channel launched in the late 90’s to accommodate Chinese viewers living in Europe. A few examples of their programming are Europe Today and Chinese in Europe Express.

It all started with Phoenix Television. In 1996 the Hong Kong-based news company found an audience. Just a short three years later the Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel was born. In addition to this news and entertainment channel, Phoenix Television reaches over 100 countries. Through this format the PCNE brings the best in political and business reporting to Chinese citizens all over the world. In fact, these programs broadcast in over 50 countries. This makes up a major portion of the countries Phoenix Television reaches in total.

The PCNE is but one channel found in the Phoenix Television’s catalog. For the past nineteen years they’ve brought the voices of the Chinese people to the small screen, and they provide more than news programs. In fact, they’re a multi-channel broadcaster, broadcasting channels like the Phoenix Movies Channel alongside the Phoenix Info News Channel. In addition to great television, the company is also expanding its business model. A brand new corporate website and portal for mobile phone users are going to bring the PCNE into the present. As technology integrates into the future, so must the media.

Europeans who care about Chinese culture don’t need reminding of what Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment is. They cover the news Chinese people living in Europe need to hear, and they are appealing to a bigger audience with their integration of new media technology. For instance, audio and video graphics that channels like CNN have become famous for are also found on PCNE. Along with a combination of hard hitting news stories and opinionated commentaries. In over 50 countries the organization is the main source of news. This is a testament to the channel’s effectiveness.